Settings of a play

So far, the fields beneath the menu-line have not been discussed.

speed: The speed of a play is measured in quarters/second. The number can be entered explicitly after pressing Return or it can be decremented or incremented in steps of 10 by means of the + and - key. Incrementing by one is accomplished using Space. As a consequence, lowering by the amount of 6 can only be done by -10+4.

locator: The field displays the current position within the song in the format bars:quarters. As is true for most fields, it can be set after 'Return' or decreased and increased by a bar by pressing + and -. Quarters may be added with Space.

play/rec beep: Both fields can either be set or cleared. A set play-beep field activates the metronome while playing back a song, even if no recording takes place. The other field is responsible for switching the metronome while recording.

punch in/out: These fields indicate a position in the play, just as the locator does. They can also be influenced in the same way.

Their main purpose is to identify a part of the play which should be post-recorded in case of mistakes. So if bars 5, 6 and 7 are erroneous, the punch-in and -out can be adjusted to 005:1/007:4. In record mode, only the three bars will be replaced, however only, if the sequencer is in record mode: replace.

A setting of 001:1/001:1 is counted as undefined and means, that the entire song is indicated.

At the same time, the interval defined by punch-in and -out is also used for some functions, particularly in case they should not affect the entire play.

time signature: Here, the beat of the play can be adjusted by changing the numerator. The setting only affects the metronome defining the ratio between higher notes (for the first quarter) and lower ones. A 3/4 beat creates the pattern

high - low - low - high - low - low - ...