HWGui - Visualizing, Evaluating and Transforming Movement Patterns of Vehicles on Highways

(a.k.a. the FleetNet Movement Patterns)

This is the homepage of the "FleetNet Highway Patterns". These patterns are numeric representations of the geometry of vehicles moving on highways. They were created/transformed in a joint effort during the FleetNet project by DaimlerChrysler, NEC Network Labs Europe, and the University of Mannheim.

Recently, we have relaunched the project to offer it to the public and the consortium of the new Network-on-Wheels project. For this effort, we, that is Computer Science IV of the University of Mannheim, work closely together with Marc Torrent-Moreno and Prof. Hannes Hartenstein of the University of Karlsruhe.

Today, we are publishing the patterns and some statistical results gained in applying a "communication mindset" to the movement geometry. Together with the movement patterns themselves both in ns-2 and a proprietary format we offer the tool HWGui we have used for transformation and evaluation. For additional information please refer to the public documents listed below.

This page is part of the Homepage of Computer Science IV of the Universty of Mannheim, Germany.

Contact: Holger Füßler


Screenshot(s) of HWGui

HWGui Source Jars

HWGui is published by means of the GNU Public License. The source-jar of HWGui 1.3 (2005-06-09) can be downloaded here

Downloading the Movement Patterns

Small set of movement files as described in the technical report.