What is the Java Advanced Imaging API?

The Java Advanced Imaging API extends the Java 2 platform by allowing sophisticated, high-performance image processing to be incorporated into Java applets and applications. It is a set of classes providing imaging functionality beyond that of Java 2D and the Java Foundation classes, though it is designed for compatibility with those APIs. This API implements a set of core image processing capabilities including image tiling, regions of interest, and deferred execution and a set of core image processing operators, including many common point, area, and frequency domain operators. 


How to install the Java Advanved Imaging API?

The following steps describe the installation procedure for Microsoft Windows operating systems (9x, 2000, NT). How to set up JAI for other operations systems please refer to http://java.sun.com/products/java-media/jai/index.html for details.

In order to use Java Advanced Imaging in a browser environment the following needs to be done:

  1. Install the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (including the browser plugin for Java), which can be downloaded from http://java.sun.com/products/plugin/index.html.
    After this you have to configure your browser environment to use the new plugin during runtime. This can be done with the Java Plugin Control-Panel (which is either located in the Start-menu or in the Sytem Contol Panel). In the tab writer Advanced the default runtime environment has to be updated to the path of the new environment.
    In the following text %JRE% represents the directory where the Java Runtime Environment is installed.
  2. Download the needed JAI files as one compressed file (~2 MB).
    Unzip the archive to a temporary directory, here denoted with %TEMP%. Two subdirectories \bin and \lib will be created.
  3. Copy the extracted files in the %TEMP% subdirectories to the %JRE% directory as follows:

    copy %TEMP%\lib\ext\jai_core.jar %JRE%\lib\ext\
    copy %TEMP%\lib\ext\jai_codec.jar %JRE%\lib\ext\
    copy %TEMP%\lib\ext\mlibwrapper_jai.jar %JRE%\lib\ext\
    copy %TEMP%\lib\ext\registryFile.jai %JRE%\lib\ext\

    copy %TEMP%\bin\mlib_image_jai.dll %JRE%\bin\
    copy %TEMP%\bin\mlib_java_jai.dll %JRE%\bin\

The above steps will make sure the JAI files are picked up by the Plugin at Runtime.

If the JAI files could not be located by the applet during runtime, an error message will be shown. In this case, please check the installation steps mentioned above, or contact Christoph Esser or Claudia Schremmer.