Still Image Segmentation


Attention! If your browser is not able to display the applet, you probably need the JavaTM Plug-in 1.3. It is available at for Linux, Solaris and Windows.

The Java applet "Still Image Segmentation" demonstrates the segmentation of an image into three regions - edges, textures and background.

Implemented edge detectors Implemented texture algorithms
  • Roberts edge detector
  • First derivative
  • Second derivative
  • Prewitt edge detector
  • Sobel edge detector
  • Robinson edge detector
  • Kirsch edge detector
  • Canny edge detector.
  • Fractal dimension
  • Co-occurence matrices
  • Laws' texture energy measures

The documentation of the algorithms used in the applet and a description of the applet can be downloaded from the following list. The documentation is only avalaible in German!
[Segmentation.pdf] (370 KB)
[] (5.241 KB)

You could also refer to the overview page of the Studienarbeit, where a lot more information is given [in German].

The source code is available, but not public. Please contact Claudia Schremmer for the source code of the applet.

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Developed by Susanne Krabbe
Coached by Claudia Schremmer