Simulation of RIP and DVMRP

Authors: Didier Gutacker and Robert Denda

It may take some time to load all pictures properly! Furthermore the applet still depends on careful usage without too fast interactions so please be patient!

The Applet


The Routing Internet Protocol RIP is the routing protocol which is used in the internet for unicast communication and the Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol DVMRP is a routing protocol which allows multipoint communication (Multicasting) and is currently used in the Multicast Backbone (MBone). This Applet visualizes RIP and DVMRP by simulating the algorithm. It's goal is to help students during their pre-exam preparations.

Further information on DVMRP is available here.

The Applet is programmed in Java 1.0 by using Javasoft's JDK1.0.2. It is tested with Netscape Communicator under Linux and Windows95 as well as with Microsoft Internet Explorer under Windows95. Unfortunatly, Java is not as plattform independend as Javasoft proposes so we cannot guarantee that it works poperly with other operating systems and browsers.

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